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How to Feed Large Groups Easy and Cheap

Averagely, you can expect to spend up to seven thousand dollars on wedding caterings, however, some go as high as thirteen thousand dollars just to highlight how expensive wedding caterings are on this website . Regardless of the type of social event you are putting together, there are many inexpensive meals for large groups that you can serve to save on the catering costs. You don’t need to stress yourself about how you will feed everyone at the big family gathering you have coming up. If you are wondering how you will feed all the people attending your social event, you can read more here.

One thing you can do is use multiple cookers for soup bar; you can source slow cookers from different people and use them to various types of soups and you can click here for more info. You can also make things easier at your event by setting up these various types of soups for self-service. Vegetarian options like broccoli and cheese should dominate your diet if you want to keep the costs low but you should set up one soup with meat.

Instead of making fajitas at your even in anticipation of the guests, you will be able to keep the catering costs low if you provide the ingredients and have them put together their own fajitas. Availability of sides of rice and refried beans and voila will make it a meal while you can transform it into a party with the addition of chips or salsa. However, one of the best dinner ideas you can consider for large groups of people is macaroni and cheese.

If you opt for macaroni and cheese, you can use pasta which is cheap to make it ahead of time for your party or event. For anyone looking to feed large groups of people, sliders is a decent option when you buy in bulk. When you put the bottom and top halves of the sliders with your fillings in-between, the cheese will melt in the oven and hold the sliders together; it is another option you can consider for feeding large groups of people.

Slow cooker pulled pork is also an option for feeding your attendees; you can serve the pork with rolls or salad for a complete meal after cooking it in the slow cooker with some barbeque sauce. Apart from macaroni and cheese, baked ziti is also a lot of people’s favorite and an option you can consider for feeding the people who will be attending your event. This is how you can plan an event and feed large groups of people easy and cheap.